So, who are we and what makes us tick?

Mogobu the Fool

MogobuTheFool is a computer programmer, poker player, and is perpetually learning.

After working his way through several University degrees as a dealer and floorperson (mostly blackjack and poker), he works now in computer-related management jobs.


Vega is a web application designer / programmer, poker player and will learn new tricks when it's amusing to do so.

Vega works with graphics & web related applications.


Yes, this is your site too. Our forums and especially our wiki are areas of the site where your presence has a voice. You're able to edit the pages therein and contribute your own insights and anecdotes. You're a player who's interested in being better than the others that you'll encounter at the table - and thats evident because you bothered to look for a place like this. Now that you're here, please consider yourself to be among friends.