Well well, you'd like some toys eh? We won't even charge you. Best part is, using our helper apps won't get your shit banned by Party Poker or get your hard earned loot confiscated for violating TOS!

The apps should work on 90% of people's computer setups. If you're having problems with your cludgy setup, it's not going to be an issue that we're really all that interested in fighting with, believe me. Therefore, warranty policy is as follows:

If the software breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

Poker Grapher

We have updated and now host the latest version of Poker Grapher, which was developed by Vern. We've assumed the responsibility for fixing bugs that are verified by you the player community, and we've reserved a spot in our forums for you report your findings to us. For those of you who are working with a version previous to Build 1.3.6.x - please Uninstall that build before installing the newer version. Your config file will remain intact. Grab the new hotness right here.

Coming Attractions

We've got great ideas for a few handy tools that will make life easier for the poker playing professional. Most of our tools will be geared to work with Party Poker / skins (when the software works in conjunction with a poker client) since that's where we like to play ourselves. Up next: the Table Manager.

When you're searching for new tables to jump into, especially while multi-tabling, it's annoying that Party Poker throws the newly opened tables into odd locations, forcing you to immediately reposition them into a place where you'd rather it be. Our programmable application will intercept newly opened Party Tables and position them at screen coordinates that you have preordained. You can set up a home position for the Lobby, and where you would like to see the remaining 4 tables go! If you have 4 tables open, close out one of them and reopen a new table to evaluate - our app will detect the missing table area and automatically position the new table into the proper place! What? Yeah, we think it's pretty damn l33t too!