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Why There are lots of reasons actually. For those of you who feel hesitant about trusting an online casino, Party Poker should stand out as the most trustworthy location on the net. PartyPoker has been an operating online since 2001 and its parent corporation, PartyGaming began public trading on the London Stock Exchange in June of 2005: this is no fly by night operation.

PartyPoker is currently the largest online poker room, much larger in fact than their nearest competitors combined. At all hours of the day there are plenty of game tables to choose from in a wide variety of game formats and stake levels. As market leader, their wide appeal has attracted the best kind of audience -- the casual novice players. This keeps the games a bit less than competetive, which is a boon for the serious player while remaining an enjoyable place for the recreational player. extends an extra favor for those new to the expereince as well. They have a set of beginner tables which are available to new players for 45 days. The tables are very low stakes, ranging from .15/.30 to $1/$2. They are useful for new players to get used to the experience of online play with other beginners without worrying about being rushed by less patient regulars who play at the normal tables.

PartyPoker offers some decent rewards for their regular players as well, in the form of 'player points' which are earned over time through the course of your regular play. Those points can buy entry into special tournaments or be used to buy PartyPoker merchandise. Since their recent public offering and corporatization, we have hopes that PartyGaming will soon begin to offer even better incentives for its player base.

And of course, like any decent online casino, there is a signup bonus to encourage you to take the plunge. We specificly reccomend for the above reasons, and if you think you're ready to give it a go yourself, please click on this banner and create your account with PartyPoker. We receive a kickback from Party and it helps us to provide the services we do here.


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